The Month of Fun

The best 31 days of your life so far

No one asked us to but we decided to turn March 2021 into a month of fun. The roadmap out of lockdown begins, spring turns a corner and we also officially step into our new identity as C3 Reflect.

There has never been a better time to create an atmosphere of praise, gratitude and thanksgiving as well as leaning into some much-needed human connection and good old-fashioned fun.

Join us for a whole four weeks of friendship, fun, family and a whole lot of memories every Wednesday at 7:30pm on Zoom.

What's coming up

Week 1 - Epic Games

Featuring Among Us, Scattergories and an exciting murder mystery!

Week 2 - Skills Galore

Pick up a new skill or hobby and laugh a lot in the process. From learning Spanish, how to paint, the art of baking, creative writing, magic tricks and balloon modelling, this is not one to miss.

(Painting, baking & balloon modelling will require some advance purchasing so be prepared and head to your favourite online retailer)

Week 3 - Speed mating

In classic friendship format, this will be a lot of fun and a great way to get to know a whole heap of people quickly.

Week 4 - Fitness Extreme

Choose between an intense bodyweight workout session or pilates.

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